The job of the Texas Climate Emergency Campaign (TCEC) is to educate and mobilize community leaders and organizations throughout this state to work together for a science based solution to global warming. To this end, our four organizers will be constantly on the road visiting many communities, often multiple times, in this state.

The TCEC Solutions are grounded in scientific necessity—they are the bottom line of what’s needed to dramatically reduce carbon emissions while maximizing energy efficiency, renewable energy and breakthrough technologies. They also represent significant economic promise. By pivoting to a clean energy economy, we can relieve our dependence on foreign oil, unlock the potential of sustainable industry and usher in a new era of prosperity and green jobs.

We encourage all members of the Texas community— farmers and ranchers, religious leaders, students, union members, environmentalist, green business leaders, scientists, and all others to get involved to save our future. Together, we can convince our leaders to chart a new direction—away from the catastrophes of global warming and toward a new era of economic prosperity.

To get involved call us at 512-852-8776. We will only be successful if we work together. We need your help! We would love to visit with you when we come to your community.