Calendar of Events

Tuesday, January 27, 2009:
Alan Weisman will speak on A New Perspective on the Environment: Earth without Humans, 7 p.m., University Center, Conference Room A, St. Mary’s University. This is part of the Lin Great Speaker’s Series which this year has Green or Gone? What is Our Environmental Future? as its theme. Alan Weisman is considered the preeminent sustainability journalist in the country. He asks, “What would happen to the Earth if humans vanished?” This is the audacious thought experiment behind Weisman’s bestseller “The World without Us.” A master work of scientific reporting, Weisman’s book shows us humanity’s true impact on the environment, and challenges each of us to re-imagine our planet–and our place within it. What can we realistically do to live in balance, not conflict, with the rest of nature? “The World without Us” was named the Best Book of 2007 by Time magazine, which called it “a spirit-enlarging, screech-free hymn to the environment.” Free and open to the public.